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The Summit Today

Reservoir Summit:

There is only limited information on the Reservoir Summit. The restaurant, gas station and tin garage housing a tow truck were located on the East side of the road. The restaurant hung over the cliff providing a spectacular view. It had a lunch counter with three or four tables. It was a high-class, popular restaurant with men waiters in solid white uniforms. Truckers were welcome. On the West side of the road on top of a slight incline or summit was an auto camp. Although referred to as Reservoir Summit at 3,883 feet, Liebre was the actual summit at 4,233 feet near Sandberg's. A large abandon cement reservoir is located at this site. The Forest Service or the Department of Highways may have constructed this reservoir and two similar ones. I am of the opinion from research that the reservoirs were built by the Department of Highways to aid in constructing the highway.